Ted Nugent writes insanely racist Op-Ed about the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

The NRA's favorite rocker's latest vile rant about "gangster thugs, punks, degenerates and criminals"

Published January 16, 2014 10:15PM (EST)

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Even for Ted Nugent, who once wrote that America's African-American community has "a mindless tendency to violence," this one is bad.

Writing at the batshit insane right-wing fever swamp of a site known as WorldNetDaily, Nugent claimed on Wednesday that a viral video of a young child cursing was representative of all the ways black people in America had failed to live up to the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.

"Just when you think it can’t get any uglier," Nugent begins, "some street rat will slither out of the sewer and do something that shocks even the most hardened and calloused among us, me included." He goes on to argue that the video showed "the continuing and unbroken cycle of street-rat savagery" and that the boy's family (he uses scare quotes around the word) "is a bunch of gangster thugs, punks, degenerates and criminals."

As much as the video bothered Nugent, however, the former rock star writes that it represents just "the tip of the black gangster iceberg." He goes on to argue that "[h]igh school dropout rates, illegitimacy and other culture rot is a black plague that has engulfed the black community" and that this tsunami of dysfunction is "the result of Fedzilla’s $16 trillion and 50-year-old so-called war on poverty, which created a cycle of dependency, destruction and culture rot for black America."

Finally getting to how any of this dehumanizing and blatantly bigoted rhetoric relates to Martin Luther King Jr., Nugent proclaims that African-Americans cannot "honestly celebrate the legacy of Dr. King" until they "admit to the self-inflicted destructo-derby they are waging and begin to tell their liberal Democratic slave drivers to take a hike."

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