"The Daily Show" salutes women, fears the future in which they rule with an iron fist

Jon Stewarts gives women leaders a thumbs up -- until Kristen Schaal harasses him to the point of tears

Published January 17, 2014 2:41PM (EST)

Watch where you step, world! "No matter where you turn, the floor is littered with shattered glass," Jon Stewart said during a Thursday "Daily Show" segment on women grabbing top spots at GM, the Federal Reserve, and other "boys club" domains.

Stewart seems pretty optimistic about greater gender parity in 2014 and beyond -- until correspondent Kristen Schaal gives him a glimpse of what a future run by women will really look like. (Spoiler: It involves lots of yelling, spilled whiskey, sexual harassment, and broken promises of being best friends forever.)

Watch it here:

And Schaal's take on when women run the world:

By Katie McDonough

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