Best of the worst: Corporate America's most cringe-inducing MLK tweets

Forever 21, PETA and Pornhub (yes, Pornhub) show why you shouldn't try to turn MLK day into a branding opportunity

Published January 21, 2014 7:11PM (EST)

Martin Luther King, Jr.           (AP/Bill Ingraham)
Martin Luther King, Jr. (AP/Bill Ingraham)

It seems like every year we are reminded of the lengths corporations will go to get a little street credibility and build more of a following. Yesterday's Martin Luther King Jr. holiday was no exception. Here are 13 examples (and one apology) of when shameless Twitter promotion goes terribly wrong:


Zzzquil, the shining example of what happens when you make PR decisions while sleepwalking.

[embedtweet id="425273661260849153"]


Adult website Pornhub (yes, it has a Twitter) pathetically attempts to show tolerance.

[embedtweet id="425363419147927552"]

Then they dig a deeper hole...

[embedtweet id="425373732056494080"]


Though well-intentioned, it may have not been the smartest move for PETA to equate the struggle for human rights with a sad animal.

[embedtweet id="425273020140105728"]

Forever 21

Forever 21 shows how important it is to make a statement by protecting your smartphone.

[embedtweet id="425342721553731584"]

Krazy Glue

You shouldn't have, Krazy Glue. Really, you shouldn't have.

[embedtweet id="425296727176781825"]

Chicken of the Sea

How long did Chicken of the Sea spend Googling this?

[embedtweet id="425301443852382208"]


"Poptimist"? Seriously?

[embedtweet id="425311806333419520"]


Put your silly hat back on, Arby's.

[embedtweet id="425316776436432897"]


McDonald's shows it knows how to follow Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

[embedtweet id="425326727930200064"]


Coke shamelessly attempts to demonstrate what it's like at the mountaintop.

[embedtweet id="425281567993659392"]

U.S. Marine Corps

The U.S. Marine Corps should have thought first before kicking off the three-day weekend, guns blazing (H/T: @athertonKD).

Then they took it down and apologized ...

[embedtweet id="424247194053406720"]


#icant Schwinn...

[embedtweet id="425333236680892416"]

By Ian Blair

Ian Blair is a writer living in New York City. Follow him on Twitter: @i2theb.


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