GOP Rep. Michael Grimm threatens to "break" NY1 reporter "in half"

The GOPer was emphatically not interested in answering questions about his campaign finances

Published January 29, 2014 4:45AM (EST)

New York City-area Republican congressman Michael Grimm was in the midst of a routine post-State of the Union interview with reporter Michael Scotto when Scotto tried to change the subject and focus on Grimm's alleged campaign finance violations. Grimm, to put it lightly, was not amused.

In video of the interview, you can see Grimm immediately disengage once Scotto attempts to bring up the allegations. Scotto then turns back to the camera and does his best to wrap things up relatively tidily, explaining what he was trying to ask Grimm and making clear that Grimm wouldn't play ball. It's after the segment is ostensibly over, though, that things get interesting.

Grimm returns to the spot and pushes Scotto out of the camera frame. It's hard to hear exactly what the two men are talking about, but it's clear that Grimm, who is looming over the shorter Scotto, is unhappy. It's hard to hear exactly what Scotto is saying, off-camera, in response to Grimm, but the agitation in his voice is unmistakable.

According to Bob Hardt, NY1's political director, Grimm threatened to throw Scotto off a balcony and then followed-up with a threat to "break" Scotto "in half":

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Check out video of the altercation below:

By Elias Isquith

Elias Isquith is a former Salon staff writer.

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