Watch a puppy and a horse fall in love against all odds in Budweiser's Super Bowl ad

Anheuser-Busch hits cute animal gold

Published January 29, 2014 7:02PM (EST)

    (Screenshot, Anheuser-Busch)
(Screenshot, Anheuser-Busch)

Anheuser-Busch has leaked the first of the five ads it'll be airing on Super Bowl Sunday, giving it an early start on being the cutest thing you'll see all year. I mean, people would probably pay $4.5 million just to watch it again.

The spot starts Budweiser's iconic Clydesdale horses, one of which forms a very special friendship with an escaped shelter dog. Many threaten to come between them, but love -- scored to Passenger's "Let Her Go" -- manages to find a way.

Check out the ad below -- but be warned. It might make you cry, and then, for some reason, crave a beer:

By Lindsay Abrams

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