Chris Christie update: A new, mansion-size scandal?

A new report questions whether a fund for the governor's mansion is being used for political favors

By Elias Isquith

Published February 21, 2014 2:05PM (EST)

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie held his first post-Bridgegate town hall meeting on Thursday, and while the event went off without any embarrassing moments for the governor, complaints from attendees about the still-ongoing nature of the state's recovery from Superstorm Sandy made clear that, aside from the scandals swirling around him, Christie still has a lot of work to do at what used to be his full-time job: governing his home state. Meanwhile, a new report about a possible system of quid pro quo over the governor's mansion being run by the Christie team highlights yet another potential scandal for the embattled Republican.

Here's the latest from the world of Chris Christie:

  • A new report from the Huffington Post highlights the Drumthwacket Foundation (a nonprofit devoted to maintaining and preserving New Jersey's Drumthwacket Mansion, aka the governor's mansion, in Princeton) and how it may be receiving donations from private interests in a not-so-subtle attempt to curry Christie's favor and secure tax breaks and other government favors.
  • During his town hall on Thursday, Christie fielded many questions about the ways the state's recovery efforts from Superstorm Sandy have been less than ideal. As he's fond of telling people, however, Christie is a leader, so he did what leaders do: blamed the federal government.
  • Also during the town hall meeting, one older gentleman, a supporter of the governor, told Christie to give up his well-known affection for Bruce Springsteen. The constituent reminded Christie of Springsteen's performance with Jimmy Fallon, mocking the governor's Bridgegate troubles, and urged the governor to get rid of all of the Boss' music.  Christie told the man he was probably right, but that he still hopes one day he and Bruce can be buddies.
  • For his next stop, Christie's heading to the nation's capital to meet with governors from throughout the country. He's been invited to dine with the president and first lady at the White House, but Christie's learned his lesson when it comes to getting too cozy with Obama, so he declined.

Elias Isquith

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