The best photobombs and selfies of the Oscars

Some of the night's best moments came off better in a still shot than in a video

Published March 3, 2014 3:11AM (EST)

  (Reuters/Mike Blake)
(Reuters/Mike Blake)

While paper ballots aren't yet a thing of the past, Oscars host Ellen DeGegeneres showed America that the Awards ceremony "gets" technology -- or at least, it gets #selfies.

Here's the best, star-studded selfie of the night:

[embedtweet id="440322224407314432"]

Here's what the full shot would have looked like:

[embedtweet id="440321769270816768"]

This other selfie Ellen took is pretty good, too:

[embedtweet id="440302561044594688"]

But selfie or not, it is safe to say that "Sherlock" and "Star Trek" actor Benedict Cumberbatch took the best photo of the night when he photobombed U2:

[embedtweet id="440295324238610432"]

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