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State-backed "expert" in Michigan equal marriage case: Gay people are eternally damned

Douglas Allen told the court that gay people who do not repent for their "sins" will spend an eternity in hell

Katie McDonough
March 8, 2014 3:51AM (UTC)

There is no credible evidence opponents of marriage equality can cite to back their bigotry, so the anti-LGBTQ "experts" called on to testify in legal challenges across the country have resorted to debunked social science and talk of "eternal damnation" instead.



Douglas Allen of the National Organization for Marriage and author of discredited research on gay parenting was called on to serve as Michigan's final "expert" witness in a case to determine the fate of equal marriage in the state. After trying to cast doubt on the overwhelming majority of research that shows that there is no real difference between the children of gay parents and the children of straight parents, Allen was asked by an attorney for the plaintiffs if he believed gay people were "eternally damned."

"Not repentant? Yes," Allen replied.

And yet, as Travis Gettys at Raw Story notes, a spokeswoman for the Michigan attorney general recently told the public that Allen's religious beliefs have had “no impact on his research and the results it reaches.”




Katie McDonough

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