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Gingrich: "Hillary Clinton is the leading prison guard of the past"

Ex-Speaker tells CPAC, "‘Stand up for Obama’s right to be utterly ineffective wherever he happens to be."

Josh Eidelson
March 8, 2014 11:22PM (UTC)

In a mid-day speech on the final day of CPAC, Newt Gingrich slammed Obama, celebrated the power of technological innovation, and joked about women telling men what to do.

“What I’m trying to do,” Gingrich told the right-wing confab, “is set out a conversation…so that by 2016, Hillary Clinton is the leading prison guard of the past propping up every failed bureaucratic institution in America.” Gingrich also knocked teachers unions as “the biggest prison guards of education,” criticizing New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio’s rejection of certain charter school co-locations backed by his predecessor.


Those comments followed Gingrich’s warning to the crowd that being primarily an anti-Obama or anti-Clinton movement would lead to failure. “We must stop being the opposition movement,” said the former House Speaker, “and we must become the alternative government movement.”

Gingrich urged conservatives to be champions of new technologies, which he said could cut down healthcare costs by solving “the challenge of Alzheimer’s” and “the challenge of autism.” The smartphone, suggested Gingrich, will become the leading “public health,” “learning,” and “management” tool of the future.

Noting the shift from navigating cars with paper maps to GPS, Gingrich joked, “Think about what a revolution it is to look upon maps as obsolete, because you have some woman telling you where to go. Now I know a number of you guys have already had that experience earlier.”


Gingrich closed his speech by criticizing the current president, who he said should be telling Vladimir Putin “that we will drive down the price of oil…Russia will once again be bankrupt.” Noting that some conservatives had criticized Obama for being in Key Largo, Florida, during the “crisis underway in Ukraine,” Gingrich joked, “Go back home and say to your friends, ‘Stand up for Obama’s right to be utterly ineffective wherever he happens to be. And don’t expect more than that, because you ain’t gonna get it.’”

Josh Eidelson

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