20 tweets from the 31 senators who stayed up all night for climate change

#Up4Climate attempted to open the door for meaningful legislation

Published March 11, 2014 2:08PM (EDT)

Senators preparing for their speeches (@SenWhitehouse/Twitter)
Senators preparing for their speeches (@SenWhitehouse/Twitter)

While you were sleeping, 29 Democratic senators (and 2 Independents) stayed up all night to talk about climate change.

How useful the marathon session was is debatable: the group wasn't pushing any specific legislation -- which they acknowledged would have little chance of passing in the divided Congress -- but they said it served as the "opening salvo" for renewed efforts to push climate-related legislation.

As Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-R.I.) told CNN: "There's a group of senators who have not given up on getting something done on climate change and aren't willing to just sit quietly through the current status quo."

Despite the inevitable blowback, the Twittersphere, for once, was filled with politicians highlighting the urgent need to address climate change and expressing their willingness to do something about it. Below, some of the most encouraging moments from the talkathon:

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(h/t Brad Johnson)

And as a bonus, here's Ed Markey (D-MA) reading from The Lorax. Because reading Dr. Seuss books on the Senate floor isn't just for Republicans anymore:

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