Fantastic role model Bill O'Reilly thinks Beyoncé is bad for young people

O'Reilly bizarrely peppers Russell Simmons with questions about Beyoncé and teen pregnancy

By Katie McDonough
March 11, 2014 11:02PM (UTC)
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Beyoncé (AP/Robin Harper)

Bill O'Reilly would like to know why Beyoncé advocates limousine sex, which Bill O'Reilly views as a major cause of unplanned pregnancy among young people of color.

O'Reilly has so many angry questions he wants to ask Beyoncé about her new video for "Partition," but Beyoncé was not on "The O'Reilly Factor" on Monday night, so he instead directs his angry questions to Russell Simmons.


"Why would Beyoncé do that?," O'Reilly asks Simmons, who responds with a request to discuss meditation, which was presumably the reason he was on the show.

"You're dodging the question," O'Reilly continues. "I think Beyoncé, what she has done here, is inexplicable. So I am asking you here, Russell Simmons, to explain it to me."

Simmons goes on to defend Beyoncé as an artist, which O'Reilly gets really mad about.


"That's art?," he spits back. "Beyoncé in a back of a limo having sex and referencing Monica Lewinsky is art?"

"Yeah, it is actually," Russell replies calmly. "Beyoncé is a brilliant artist."

To summarize, Bill O'Reilly -- who does not support insurance coverage for contraceptiondoes not believe comprehensive sex education is important and believes that shaming teen parents is more important than supporting them -- believes that Beyoncé writing a song about having sex with her husband is the problem.


Watch the exchange here:

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