Bradley Cooper proves Louis C.K. wrong, tackles him in triumph

The Internet has rediscovered a bizarre connection between Cooper, C.K., Sean Penn and "American Hustle"

By Prachi Gupta
March 20, 2014 8:59PM (UTC)
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In a sign that things don't actually exist until Reddit finds them for our mass consumption, the Internet is abuzz over a mashup of clips that include Louis C.K. circa 2008, Bradley Cooper 15 years ago, younger Sean Penn, and a scene from 2013 Oscar-nominated film "American Hustle."

As it was unearthed several years ago, many will recall that in 1999, a young, fresh-faced Bradley Cooper once asked for advice/fawned over Sean Penn from the audience during a taping of "Inside the Actors Studio."


In an unrelated conversation in 2008, C.K. mocked the aspiring actors who appear in "Inside the Actors Studio" when talking to comedian Stephen Merchant. The ever-incisive C.K. joked that the poor actors who want to ask "Sean Penn or whoever" for advice will "never be famous." "That's it, you'll never be famous!" he joked.

Now one Redditor has put all of that together in one sugary mashup for the Internet's immediate consumption, following the beautiful irony to its logical conclusion: C.K. getting his comeuppance years later, in a scene from "American Hustle." Watch the Internet's magic, below:

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