Princeton University not a fan of "Princeton Mom"

Susan Patton's alma mater pens a letter calling out her terrible advice

Published March 26, 2014 4:50PM (EDT)

Susan Patton      (The Today Show)
Susan Patton (The Today Show)

The "Princeton Mom" Susan Patton really loves Princeton University. Patton has proudly worn her alma mater's orange and black while instructing women to "smarten up" and spend their college years "husband-hunting," shaming teenagers into getting plastic surgery, or blaming victims of sexual assault for the violence committed against them.

But do you know who really doesn't love Susan Patton? Most people at Princeton University.

A coalition of faculty and members of the university community -- including high-profile Princetonians like Joyce Carol Oates and Anne-Marie Slaughter -- have all signed on to a letter denouncing Patton's advice.

An excerpt from the letter:

In light of statements made in a news article in this paper, we wish to inform the students on this campus that we do not believe that their manner of dress or drinking behavior makes them responsible for unwanted sexual contact. It is extremely important that individuals of all genders on a college campus feel comfortable reaching out for help.

You can read the rest at the Daily Princetonian.

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