UPDATED: Alec Baldwin arrested in New York, calls city "mismanaged carnival of stupidity"

A bicycling offense put the "30 Rock" star in the backseat of a cop car

By Daniel D'Addario
May 13, 2014 7:22PM (UTC)
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Alec Baldwin (Reuters/Mark Blinch)

Alec Baldwin has reportedly been arrested in New York.

In Touch Weekly has the photos -- depicting the "30 Rock" star being led into the backseat of an NYPD car. The tabloid is reporting that Baldwin "was riding his bike the wrong way and didn't have ID on him."


It's only the latest flap for the star whose MSNBC talk show was cancelled last year after an outburst against a paparazzo was widely perceived as homophobic. Tired of the media attention that accompanied his frequent spats with photographers, Baldwin announced in February that he was quitting public life.

That decision would necessarily mean that Baldwin won't be speaking out about his arrest, the way he did (including on "Saturday Night Live") after getting ejected from a flight for playing Words With Friends and deriding the flight crew in 2011. And yet one suspects he'll be breaking his silence about his arrest soon enough.

UPDATED: Baldwin, whose arrest reportedly came after "acting belligerently" towards the police, has already broken his silence on Twitter.


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The question of why Baldwin is living in a city with a preponderance of photographers, if they bother him to the degree that he introduces them in a defense of behavior that has nothing to do with them, goes unanswered for now.

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