Glenn Beck's supporters revolt! How an inane event became a massive headache

Right-wing nuts planned a D.C. protest to oust the president from power. But it failed -- and now they blame Glenn!

Published May 20, 2014 2:25PM (EDT)

Glenn Beck                                      (Jeffrey Malet,
Glenn Beck (Jeffrey Malet,

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Glenn Beck's natives are getting very restless, and many of them are now taking their frustrations out on him.

The organizers of last Friday's"Operation American Spring" (OAS) had claimed their massive Washington, D.C., protest, "calling for the removal of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Harry Reid, Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, Nancy Pelosi, and Eric Holder as a start toward constitutional restoration," was likely to draw 10 million to 30 million fed-up American patriots to the nation's capital.

To the weekend-long bemusement of Democrats and progressives, the number of attendees at the rally was closer to 10 (just 10) than 30 million. As even the right-wing Washington Times reported, attendance fell "woefully below expectations," with turnout claims varying from a few hundred to a few thousand. "Hundreds is more like it," said one of the attendees quoted by the Times.

Progressives were predictably entertained by the dismal failure of the umpteenth rally to save our nation from the "outlaws" or "commies" or "Muslims" or "Constitution haters" who have now taken over the government -- through peaceful elections. But once the King of the American Patriots himself, Glenn Beck, and his online "news" outlet The Blaze appeared to join in to mock the event, the real patriots could no longer hold their tongues.

Longtime supporters of Beck turned their sights on the radio host-turned CNN host-turned Fox "News" host-turned multimillionaire Internet entrepreneur after The Blaze's Oliver Darcy covered the event, describing it as "only millions short of projected turnout," featuring "only a few dozen protesters" and as having "failed incredibly."

Many of Beck's fans were decidedly not happy about that, some going so far as to declare Beck himself "the enemy."

"Operation American Spring was BECKSTABBED and then TheBlaze has the nerve to mock them for low turnout," said one furious commenter at The Blaze. "Of course glenn [sic] did not endorse it, it wasn't his PARTY," said another in response.

And on and on it went. While many Blaze readers predictably blamed the usual "commie" or "Muslim" or "liberal" or "government" operatives for undermining the event, the most vitriol in The Blaze's hundreds of comments on the one article seemed to be reserved for Beck himself.

Reading through them, one finds many calls for an armed or otherwise violent overthrow of the government. Some commenters complained they hadn't heard about the event until it had already failed, while many blamed Beck for that as well.

Others came to Beck's defense, blaming the organizers for a bad idea in the first place. One commenter named "Eastinfection" said the entire affair, echoing the name and tactics of the so-called "Arab Spring" uprisings, just sounded too Muslim-y. "Looking at it's [sic] name, alone, would have been enough to make me avoid it. sounds like an event for Muslims demanding Sharia Law in the USA."

Commenter "Uechi" echoed the sentiment: "When you here [sic] the word 'spring' used in this contest [sic] one can't help but remember Egypt. How'd that work out moron?"

Another commenter, "mustang-2537," felt that Operation American Spring's acronym was just too similar to the one applied to the Occupy Wall Street movement for those on the right. "Its title of OAS is just too close to the hated OWS."

As expected, there were scattered shots taken throughout the comments against both Beck and his supporters from posters who were obviously never fans of his in the first place. And some commenters, such as "Nof," were quick to come to Beck's defense: "Glenn has done much more than anyone else to open our eyes to The Progressive Agenda, and some are abandoning him and standing with those who will aid Progressives in their destruction of America."

But it was the stinging comments from the many self-declared "patriots," excoriating Beck and The Blaze for failing to support OAS, that caught our eye.

One attack after another after another seemed to suggest that many among the minions Beck has succeeded in working into an angry, paranoid and disinformation-based lather during the years since President Obama was first elected to office may now be turning hard against the man they had once viewed as their one true savior from the Communist-in-Chief.

Here are just a few of the spirited attacks on Beck and The Blaze, as posted at his very own website [all typos, misspelling and bad grammar found in the original]:

"Mohawk77": "Based on disparaging Beck comments made regarding this event I would suggest not getting in a foxhole with Beck expecting him to defend you and I'm sure as hell glad he wasn't influential in 1776 or we'd all have British accents. ... The Founders/Framers risked their lives and fortunes for our freedom. Don't count on Beck to risk anything except maybe a new sponsor or new found fake friendship with his new Hollywood 'friends'. Becks about as deep as a small puddle thats almost dry.Just like the GOP..I say cut him off..quit Blaze TV."

"defendConstitution": "I ALSO AM VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE BLAZE. I have given Glen Beck a lot of money because I thought He and the Blaze were on the side of patriots."

"DMONIC": "Why doesnt little Beckyboy pony up the cash to send all of us to DC? Oh thats right, because hes a govt shill!!"

In response to a commenter named "SoftwareBabe", who claims to be a longtime supporter of Beck's and who attempted to defend him by charging that "MOST of you commenting on this article are TROLLS"...

"The_Traitors_Will_Swing": "Wow softwarebabe ... You are so deep in Denial I seriously don't know if there's hope for you A few years back I was Almost that mesmerized by Glenn but since then my eyes are open !!! No politically correct BS here"

"fedup ohio": "SoftwareBabe, No disrespect intended, but you have drunk the Kool-aid. But, I will admit, I took sip a time or two."

"katzkiner": "Softie, I'm sorry, I just thought after 6 years of Beckie getting all emotional about the founders and the sacrifices of the American Revolution we thought he would jump at the chance to protest the islamic socialist takeover of the country. ... Beckie can quit advertising guns, gear, survival food, safes and other prepper stuff, he's is after all just a teary NY carpetbagger. Good luck as a movie mogel Beck. You will need it.

"WarMunger_Al": "Of course, Beck is anti-patriot now. Pretty sad state of affairs when only a a couple dozen people care enough to show up."

"macpappy": "With the left wing writers at the Blaze, what did you expect."

"gunslinger" (in response to "macpappy"): "Not left wing. They are just becoming populists like O'Reilly. In other words they lick a finger and hold it to the wind"

"Hey Harry Lets Box": "Exactly. Beck, give everything to [radio host Michael] Savage and go hide in your hole."

"DaRyuujin": "I got more respect for those Americans who were there taking a stand then beck sitting comfy in his studio mocking them. I haven't much heard of Beck doing anything more than running his mouth insulting patriots lately while the country goes deeper and deeper in the pit."

"bigbear_awake": "F t bLAZE DONT KNOCK IT IF YOU cant get behind it ... I dropped my account he has all the cable money now he dont need ours anymore thanks for NOTHING BECK"

"Bonnieblue2A": "Glenn as not behaved well these past few months. He's become a real tool with the way he attacks and puts down those patriotic Americans who have not been corrupted by Freedom Works Astroturf. I'm very disappointed in his boorish behavior. It started with his personal attacks on Ron Paul (original Tea Party founder) and have only worsened from there."

"Aubryn": "That is exactly what Glenn did. I do not trust him now. After what he did to Bundy, this is the first Blaze article I've read in a month #coward #glenn ... Beck helped kill this event. I do not trust him. Turned him off"

In the middle of a discussion about "armed revolt" being needed, now that voting and rallies haven't worked, as far as many of the commenters were concerned, "KnewHear" seemed to accuse Beck himself of forwarding "anti-conservative propaganda" in suggesting that OAS protesters might show up to the D.C. rally with weapons: "Just as a reminder NOONE said anything about arms....except people like Beck. So that aspect is anti-conservative propaganda being perpetuated from the supposed Conservative/Libertarian side."

"Gotztheironhand": "Glenn has not been representing the facts accurately, meaning he either has an agenda other than the truth, or he has people inside his organization misleading him."

"lisalake": "this is an epic FAILURE. And not to mention the probable direct impact Glenn and others who flat out called for no one to show"

"babumjane": "how could they have a good turnout when none of the media would cover it before hand including the hypocrite glen beck!!! He made his millions now he is just one of the creeps getting rich from spewing his garbage. It was AOK when he was planning his rally he wanted all the coverage he could get so why didn't he give this rally publicity beforehand. HUM whose pocket is he in."

"dublinthewagons": "It didn't fit into becks agenda, to help promote it. Reverend beck (with a little b) is only interested in his own agenda. Stick a fork in the good old U.S. of A. Everyone is on their own. Welcome to the new third world communist country."

"katzkiner": "Stay tuned. It has not began yet. Beck was not the star so he wouldn't lend any support but the objectives were everything he told us we needed for the last 5 years."

"[Suspended User]", likely the one commenters later referred to as "Cindy", before her account was suspended for some reason: "No wonder why you relate to Beck. Except you dont leave the house and he does with an entourage. Savage was correct about Beck years ago. Circus clown."

"DaRyuujin": " let me get this straight the Blaze refuses to report on this before hand to give it extra attention for those who had never heard of it.....yet they are quick to make a story about how not a ton of people showed like they were hoping. ... Almost sounds like the folks at the blaze were hoping or should i say praying for it to flop. ... It just seems like f it isn't something Beck came up with himself he wants no part in it. We all saw how viciously and quickly he turned on the Bundy ranch supporters he just doesn't seem to support people standing up for our rights in general....unless they are following behind prophet Beck in that case he fully supports the movements, as long as his own little flock of sheep is there and he gets his pedestal. ... Becks ego has grown way, way too big he acts as if he is some sort of prophet he has lost touch (and lost) a lot of his fan base because he has lost the values he originally stood for that grew his fan base to begin with."

"AmericanWomanFirst": "don't understand the Blaze and I don't understand why Beck would not at least be supportive of these patriots. What are they afraid of?"

"WillTheBlazeFreezeThisAccount" ["Cindy" again?]: Blaze refused to report on it and Beck trashed it on the radio show....Then TheBlaze mocks it for not having 'millions' of people. Seems to me like this is more of a pride thing than anything. Beck wants to be remembered forever for 9/12 and nobody is allowed to take its place.

"Aubryn": "Glenn Beck can no longer be trusted. He has believed his own hype and thinks he is the Bagwhan. He has become an embarrassing caricature of the man he once was. All this mystical shuck and jive crap. He sold his soul. ... Inhave stopped watching the Blaze. Hours and hours and hours of sermons on beckworship. He is losing his following. It started as a slow bleed, it is now hemorrhaging."

"KnewHear": "Glenn Beck's agenda is NOT what he 'advertised' ... Many Hoped he would open a different option on the usual Controlled agenda driven press."

"fedup ohio": "I went to the event. And yes, it had a terrible turn out. Very disappointing. It doesn't help that Glen Beck bad mouth the event. ... Glen is nothing more than a bunch of hot air. We need a new voice for America, Glen is a coward. ... The way I see it, if Glen isn't the head honcho at an event, he won't support it. ... It's disgraceful how Glen and his cohorts have reacted to Americans trying to do something. And I bet you that, almost everyone at the rally are also followers of Glen Beck. So in essence, Glen is making fun of some of his supporters."

"rose-ellen": "Beck didn't like it because it wasn't his idea."

"Smoore": "Wow. As if reading the nasty tweets from liberals all day wasn't enough. This article was sarcastic and patronizing. Shame on you Blaze. I talk better about my no good ex husband than you do about fellow Patriots."

"pepper61": "I'm very disappointed in Glenn Beck and the could have at least offered to cover this story and promote it. This is something you people have been preaching about for the last five Obama is turning the country into Socialism, or worse, and then when the People finally go ahead to stand up to him, you ignore them completely?"

"The_Traitors_Will_Swing": "Way to decieve people here Glenn ! Real fine work !! You prove yourself more of a loser every day !!!!!!!! Way to Decieve idiot !! No wonder your followers are dropping like flies anymore !!!!! ... I used to believe in Beck he has sold out..."

"TeaBeliever": "It's offical: Gleb Beck has gone to the dark side. He turned on Clive Bundy now he turned on the Tea Party."

"outlaw45": "I have followed Beck since he left CNN. Beck is reporting the propaganda issued by the gov. on OAS. In my eyes. Beck is now part of the problem. He was probably part of the problem all along. ... Beck is a liar. And he is the enemy."

In case Beck isn't getting the message from those who read his own website, perhaps the devout Mormon might better relate to the New Testament, Galatians 6:7: "For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

By Brad Friedman

Investigative journalist and broadcaster Brad Friedman is the creator and publisher of The BRAD Blog. He has contributed to Mother Jones, The Guardian, Truthout, Huffington Post, The Trial Lawyer magazine and Editor & Publisher.

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