The Winklevoss twins' next big thing is ... radio?

The almost Facebook inventors have invested in Bitcoin and space travel, and now are heading to SiriusXM

Published May 22, 2014 2:50PM (EDT)

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss       (AP/Craig Ruttle)
Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss (AP/Craig Ruttle)

You probably know Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss from their portrayal in David Fincher's "The Social Network." (They were the crew rowers, played by Armie Hammer, who were suing the pants off of Mark Zuckerberg.)

Though they did not invent The Facebook, the twins are men of many ventures: bitcoiners, future Virgin Galactic space travelers and now radio hosts. Yep, their latest endeavor is harnessing some not-so-new technology: satellite radio. The two are hosting a short-term SiriusXM radio program, unimaginatively named "Winklevoss Radio."

According to a blog post written by Cameron Winklevoss, the move to Sirius radio was inspired by Howard Stern. The Winklevi, however, will not be covering the same sordid subject matter as Stern. Rather it will be about the tech start-up world. If the intro is any indication, the show will be an expansion of the Winklevoss brand and the crypto-currency that they've invested heavily in. The first words in the promo describe the two as "bitcoin millionaires."

"We hope to give listeners a window into the world of early-stage startups, entrepreneurship and venture investing," Cameron wrote. The list of future guests includes Mike Judge, Sir Richard Branson and more.

For those eagerly awaiting Winklevoss start-up wisdom, the show premieres today. Listen to their intro below:

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