The 7 weirdest plastic surgery trends

The "hand lift" is just the latest in a string of depressing procedures that are gaining popularity

Published May 25, 2014 2:30PM (EDT)

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You can blame #selfies for the hottest new trend in plastic surgery: the “hand lift.” According to UK Metro, some camera-conscious women are getting Juvederm injections to smooth out their hands for engagement ring close-ups. The procedure, which costs around £800, or about $1,300, works much like botox injections for the face and takes about 5-10 minutes. Hand lifts may be the latest absurd cosmetic procedure, but they are hardly the weirdest. Here are seven other plastic surgery trends that will leave you despairing for mankind:

Dimple implants

Dimples are so darned cute that you’d never know they’re actually evidence of defective muscles. The dimple surgery involves a tiny incision on the inside of the cheek. The whole thing is pretty quick, taking no more than 30 minutes. For this woman, it's "kind of like being A-cup and waking up with DDs":

Ear cropping and pointing

Ear cropping, a surgery more common in dogs, is when you remove chunks of ear cartilage. Ear pointing is when you do this to make a point at the top of your ear. The former can result in ear collapse, the latter, in looking like a cartoonish alien (Warning: these videos are quite graphic).


Pretty much what it sounds like: a forked tongue.

Nipple Lightening

Apparently, lighter-colored nipples are more desirable in places like Japan, where women can bleach them with a cream that costs around $60. (Nipple tattooing, another phenomenon in the UK, fills in areola to make them darker and bigger. While it may seem frivolous for some, it's a procedure that can help breast cancer survivors as well).

New palm lines

A superstitious person in the 1900s might have passively accepted whatever their palm lines portended. But in the 21st century, even the superstitious can change their fate by having a plastic surgeon carve lines into your palm. You better hope your surgeon knows what the lines mean, though, else you might meet the wrong fate. Or, you know, just live your life and change your fate that way.

Puffy eyes

In America, bags under your eyes might be a sign of fatigue. In South Korea, they are a sign of beauty. The procedure, known as Aegyo sal, is believed to make the eyes look bigger. This is achieved by inserting fat directly below the eye with a small incision.

Iris implants

Colored contacts are for Halloween; iris implants are for life. While the implants can be helpful for treatment of certain medical conditions, the procedure is now performed mostly for cosmetic reasons.

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