5 reasons to invite Bill Murray to your bachelor party

His impromptu toast proves that Murray is the ideal bachelor party guest. Here's why

Published May 27, 2014 7:35PM (EDT)

Bill Murray (aka "shape-shifting coyote trickster god Bill Murray," as Drew Magary dubbed him) recently gave a toast at a complete stranger's bachelor party. Yes: He not only crashed the party, which would have been cool enough, but he also gave a speech on the fly. And this improvised speech, in which Murray dispensed pearls of wisdom that were not remotely directed at the groom-to-be, was at once funny and touching and weird.  So in case you need any, a few reasons to invite Murray to your bachelor party:

5. He will not ruin the surprise, if there happens to be one.

4. He appreciates a good meal.

3. He looks great in a tux -- if you're opting for a formal affair.

2. He may bring along some of his famous friends.

1. He is literally "up" for anything.


By Neil Drumming

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