No, seriously: Why is Glenn Beck mocking women who have experienced sexual assault and violent harassment?

Please put Glenn Beck in a dumpster and then put that dumpster in a dumpster

Published May 28, 2014 9:34PM (EDT)

Glenn Beck   (Right Wing Watch)
Glenn Beck (Right Wing Watch)

What is going on in Glenn Beck's baby man garbage brain this week? Beck is always very, very terrible, but he is on something of a tear right now trying to minimize violence against women and girls. After a segment mocking rape victims was posted to the Blaze, Beck personally turned his outrage to the women who shared their experiences of harassment and sexual violence through #YesAllWomen.

Not to get all pearl-clutching here, but what possible kind of person could respond with such disdain to the women sharing these stories? It is genuinely baffling to me. I really do not know what else to say about it. He reads a tweet from a mother who says that she has tried to teach her daughter "how not to be raped" with a sneering, "Boy, that must be fun." What a nightmare Glenn Beck is. Please put him in a dumpster and then put that dumpster in a dumpster.

h/t Right Wing Watch

By Katie McDonough

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