The best of #AskChevron: Protesters engineer a brilliant P.R. disaster

The company has yet to provide any answers

Published May 28, 2014 3:47PM (EDT)


Currently trending on Twitter: #AskChevron, a veritable P.R. disaster in which the denizens of social media call the company out for ongoing contamination in the Ecuadoran Amazon tied to decades of oil pollution.

It would be hilarious if the Chevron social media team just entirely failed to learn the lessons of JPMorgan's disastrous #AskJPM campaign (as many on Twitter seemed to believe), but the actual explanation is even more brilliant: The hashtag is being promoted not by the oil conglomerate, but by environmental group Toxic Effect. It coincides with a real protest being held outside Chevron's annual shareholder meeting in Midland, Texas.

Toxic Effect and its allies spurred most of the questions, although supporters quickly chimed in and expanded the scope to include the company's other less-than-shining moments:

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Chevron, as of this posting, has yet to respond.

By Lindsay Abrams

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