Hear Neil deGrasse Tyson explain everything that is wrong with "Gravity"

And there are a lot of cinematic and scientific flaws...

By Sarah Gray
Published June 3, 2014 4:30PM (EDT)

The special effects may have been phenomenal -- Oscar winning, even -- but there are some serious scientific (and cinematic) flaws in the Academy Award winning movie "Gravity."

The folks at Cinema Sins are no stranger to nit-picking films, but for "Gravity" they brought in none other than Neil deGrasse Tyson, as their space expert.

Back in October, Tyson let off a series of tweets critiquing the movie -- everything from its title to the movie's science. Now teamed up with Cinema Sins, those tweets have been brought to life and apparently narrated by Tyson himself. The video, which contains spoilers abound, can be viewed below:

Here are Tyson's tweets taking issue with the movie:

[embedtweet id="386982977902632960"]

[embedtweet id="386984236541960193"]

[embedtweet id="386985494258515968"]

[embedtweet id="386986752914624513"]

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[embedtweet id="386990527406563329"]

[embedtweet id="386993044836212737"]

[embedtweet id="386995560932069376"]

[embedtweet id="386996821437861888"]

[embedtweet id="386991786335289344"]

[embedtweet id="386998082786697216"]

However, in spite of its flaws, Tyson did enjoy the movie.

[embedtweet id="387079136629358592"]


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