Alex Jones: Facebook and the government are trying to frame the Las Vegas shooters

The popular crank and gun fetishist is convinced this weekend's massacre was a "false flag" plot

Elias Isquith
June 10, 2014 5:55PM (UTC)

Speaking on his "InfoWars" radio show on Monday, conspiracy theorist extraordinaire Alex Jones claimed that the recent public shooting in Las Vegas — during which a man and his wife murdered two police officers, another person, and then themselves — was a secret plot by the government to discredit gun fetishists such as himself.

Noting that the Facebook page of Jerad Miller, the man believed to have been the driving force behind the couple's killing spree, is littered with indications that he was a fan of Jones' work, the radio host argued that this, too, was part of the conspiracy. Apparently Mark Zuckerberg is also out to take Jones' guns.


"Oh, and guess what's on [Miller's] Facebook page? It's so easy to set this up," Jones said. "Facebook works with you-know-who so closely." (You-know-who is supposed to be the U.S. government.)

Jones then flipped through a printout of all the images and links Miller had shared. Pointing to a picture of Ronald Reagan that Miller had posted, Jones snarked, "Ronald Reagan's fault — the media's not picking up on that!"

"The media is demonizing yours truly," Jones said next. Then he joked that it was George Washington's fault "that two cops got shot."


You can watch a clip from Jones' show below, via Right Wing Watch:

Elias Isquith

Elias Isquith is a former Salon staff writer.

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