Twitter gets predictably snarky when Dr. Oz asks, "What are you eating that is Oz Approved"?

Not a good social media move, Dr. Oz!

By Prachi Gupta
Published June 24, 2014 9:04PM (UTC)
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The world is catching up with the high jinks of Dr. Mehmet Oz, a mystical healer who time-traveled from the 1700s to peddle miracle drugs on television. Oz, recently put in the hot seat by first the Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee's consumer protection subcommittee and then by "Last Week Tonight" host John Oliver for his pseudo-science, is now also the laughingstock of Twitter thanks to his show's social media team:

[embedtweet id="481479275456253952"]


People quickly anticipated backlash:

[embedtweet id="481480512750370816"]

[embedtweet id="481481032857030656"]

[embedtweet id="481483656415174656"]

Haha yeah, they were right:

[embedtweet id="481483081401270272"]

[embedtweet id="481480062093774849"]

[embedtweet id="481481016960643072"]


[embedtweet id="481485090724544512"]

[embedtweet id="481481321081225216"]

[embedtweet id="481480962702716930"]

[embedtweet id="481480508207935488"]

[embedtweet id="481481398818050048"]

[embedtweet id="481485719341633537"]

Oz's social media team now stands in good company among the Washington Redskins, NYPD and R. Kelly. Way to go, everyone.

Prachi Gupta

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