Erick Erickson agrees: The “homosexual movement is … destroying America”

The Fox News yakker and Red State steward remains one of the most defiantly bigoted media personalities out there

Published July 24, 2014 9:17PM (EDT)


Fox News talking head and Red State editor Erick Erickson has a long history of being a rank homophobe, but rarely is he quite so unabashed about it as he was on Wednesday, when he tweeted an endorsement of a GOP candidate's claim that the "homosexual movement is ... destroying America."

The candidate in question is Georgia Republican Jody Hice, who is trying to replace Paul "the pit of hell" Broun. Because Hice is quite likely to win, given how conservative his district is, BuzzFeed's Andrew Kaczynski thought it'd be worthwhile to do a roundup of just some of the most hateful things about LGBT people the likely future-congressman has said.

Many of Hice's transgressions are defined by a relatively run-of-the-mill far-right homophobia. One comment in particular, however, goes beyond the usual threshold for hatred, stumbling into the abyss of fevered conspiracy. From Hice's 2012 masterpiece, "It's Now or Never: A Call to Reclaim America," comes this remarkable line:

The homosexual movement is also destroying America by aggressively seeking to destroy traditional families, religion, and marriages for the purpose of removing all societal moral boundaries.

Notably, when Erickson — who was an early supporter of Hice's — responded to Kaczynski's piece, he singled out a handful of Hice's statements that, he believed, most conservatives would find agreeable. Himself included. As you probably guessed, the "the homosexual movement is ... destroying America" comment was one of the many Erickson approved:

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For what it's worth, item No. 10, the one Erickson said "most every conservative" would "maybe" agree with, is Hice arguing that comparing homosexuality with race is inappropriate because while race is permanent, "thousands and thousands of people" have forced themselves not to be gay.

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By Elias Isquith

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