Conan is not impressed by Apple's major iPhone plan

"Big deal, we've been using robots to make this show since the beginning"

Published July 25, 2014 2:17PM (EDT)

 Conan's office robots     (screenshot)
Conan's office robots (screenshot)

Earlier this week Apple announced that it will use robots to help build the iPhone 6, which in terms of both technology and the future of labor and jobs is a pretty big deal.

Conan, however, is unimpressed. His office is already staffed with robots. In fact, they make up 50 percent of the office, Conan jokingly explains. And the comedy clip below shows that robots are just as fallible as humans in the workplace. They procrastinate, steal food from the fridge and look at porn. Watch a glimpse of Conan's robotic workforce below:

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