Fred Armisen is a bonehead surgeon from "John Hopskins, the hospital"

Meet his newest improv character, courtesy of "Late Night"

Published July 25, 2014 2:17PM (EDT)

Fred Armisen continues to make people laugh on "Late Night" even when he's thousands of miles away from the show, on set for "Portlandia" in Oregon. He checks in with Seth Meyers and the rest of America in a recurring segment called "FredEx," a missed sponsorship opportunity for FedEx, in which "Late Night" sends Armisen three props meant to inform a character. Armed with a "skull and fire" hoodie with eyeholes, headphones and a wig, Armisen went for the logical choice: a surgeon from "John Hopskins, the hospital."

He seems really good at cutting people up, no?

By Prachi Gupta

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