McDonald's pulls all meat from China after expired food scandal

Meat served at McDonald's China locations was old. Really old.

Published July 28, 2014 4:54PM (EDT)

  (Reuters/Bobby Yip)
(Reuters/Bobby Yip)

It seems McDonald's does have some standards when it comes to meat quality: the fast food giant has pulled all beef, pork and chicken items from its restaurants in China meaning that fish burgers -- fish burgers! -- are the only sandwiches available. The decision comes after McDonald's U.S.-based food supplier, OSI Group, massively recalled its products after being accused of repackaging old meat as new.

In a statement, the unfortunately named OSI President David McDonald apologized for the screw-up:

Our investigations have found issues that are absolutely inconsistent with our internal requirements... Our China operations will now become a part of the OSI International umbrella.

OSI had operations in 16 countries as of 2013, and was working to process around 300 million chickens per year in China alone. Yum.


By Joanna Rothkopf

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