The best of #PalinTVShows: 13 wacky ideas for Sarah Palin's scary new video channel

"I Love Lucy But Deport Ricky" -- and other hilarious suggestions courtesy of Twitter

Published July 28, 2014 6:12PM (EDT)


Sarah Palin has just announced the launch of a subscription-only online TV channel (to be fair, if there's one thing the former governor and GOP V.P. candidate is qualified for, it's TV stardom). Are you tired of the "media filters"? Do you want to talk "directly" to Sarah Palin on her terms by "cutting through the media's politically correct filter"? Then, for just $99.95 per year, Sarah Palin's TV show is for you. Of course, as "Daily Show" creator Lizz Winstead points out, it needs a title -- one that gets to the point!:

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Twitter has plenty of suggestions -- here are the 13 best:

[embedtweet id="493741786821427200"]

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But this is no laughing matter! Here's a summary, per Palin, of the "state of our country":

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