Conservative star Mark Levin attacks “whores” at Chamber of Commerce

The perpetually enraged talk radio star is furious with the Chamber for endorsing a female Democrat

Published July 29, 2014 8:09PM (EDT)

 Mark Levin    (Screen shot, Fox News)
Mark Levin (Screen shot, Fox News)

Mark Levin, who last came to non-wingnuts' attention after screeching at a female caller that her husband should kill himself because she has bad opinions, is once again flashing the tact and grace that made him a feminist icon.

This time, Levin is making news with his claim that the people running the Chamber of Commerce are "whores." Why? Because they endorsed Mary Landrieu, a conservative Democratic senator running for reelection. (See Jim Newell for more on the anger toward the Chamber increasingly emanating from the right.)

During on his radio show on Monday, Levin sneered that the Chamber was not so much "bipartisan" as it was dedicated to promoting "cronyism," regardless of party. Reading from a news article which acknowledged that the Chamber had endorsed Landrieu previously, Levin said, "You see, you lie down with whores like this, and you become one."

"Strong language," he acknowledged, "but language that's accurate."

After calling the organization whorish for endorsing a female senator, Levin proclaimed that the Chamber is "a disgrace" because it "does not believe in constitutionalism" or "limited government" or "free-market capitalism."

Despite its protestations to the contrary, Levin argued, the Chamber is "a disgusting creature of big government" and a "monstrosity."

You can listen to Levin's fresh take below, via Media Matters:

By Elias Isquith

Elias Isquith is a former Salon staff writer.

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