Limbaugh says "leftists" want to use immigrants to “wrest control of this country” from whites

The talk radio king lets loose his white supremacist id — and mocks child refugees in the process

Published August 8, 2014 3:07PM (EDT)

Rush Limbaugh                                           (AP/Jeff Chiu)
Rush Limbaugh (AP/Jeff Chiu)

Speaking on his radio show on Thursday, right-wing gabber and troll Rush Limbaugh implied that the millions of immigrants that have come to America in recent years — including the refugee children still languishing at the U.S. southern border —  were part of a grand conspiracy to "wrest control" of the United States away from its white majority.

"It is said that anybody who opposes blanket amnesty ... it's because  you are a racist, right?" Limbaugh vented. "It is because you are a bigot; you are a racist and a bigot and you are a nationalist and you are selfish and you are greedy; you don't want to share."

Limbaugh wasn't having it. "Well, what of these people — and kids — who are rejecting their own culture, their own country; and what about these parents of these children sending their own young people here; is it not they who are practicing racial preferences? Is it not they who are rejecting their own cultures?" he asked.

"We have to sit here and listen every day to how we're a bunch of racist pigs, sexist bigots, and homophobes — and how America is that way because of us — and yet all these people around the world want to come here!" Limbaugh whined. "And all these parents in Central America are sending their kids here!"

It was at this point that Limbaugh really got to heart of his critique. "Despite what all the demographers say," he explained, "America remains a majority-white country. Despite the predictions, despite the hopes, despite the dreams of all the leftists of white people eventually becoming the minority in this country, it hasn't happened yet."

After once again wondering why children would flee anarchic gang violence and government corruption to come to the United States unless it was because their parents were rejecting their own "culture," Limbaugh offered what he believes would be the "leftist" explanation: "Because they [immigrants] are here to help us [leftists] wrest control of this country from you white bigots!"

You can hear Limbaugh explain how the entire pro-immigration reform movement is part of a conspiracy to deny white people their rightful and just place as rulers of the United States below, via Media Matters:

By Elias Isquith

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