A few of the many questions inspired by Prancercise Lady Joanna Rohrback's new music video

Her incredible video, with horses and a new partner, shot by drones, will make you ponder life's biggest mysteries

Published August 11, 2014 9:00PM (EDT)

Prancercise fitness guru Johanna Rohrback, who lives at all times in the future, the present and the past, has documented her time travels with a new inspirational video, this one filmed by drones. She united with the majestic beasts that first inspired her -- horses -- and has found a synchronized dance partner named Victor to re-energize you lazy lumps at home.

As she and her mysterious man glide through open fields to a tracklist of music on hold, it's hard not to marvel at how she transcends all concept of time and wonders about some of life's bigger questions:

How do you set your spirit free without losing it?

Will you ever has much passion for anything as Johanna Rohrback has for hugging the air?

Will robots one day roam fields robotic-hand-in-hoof with these ancient beasts?

Can we breed a master race of humans and horses?

If you watch the video below, prepare yourself for some deep inquiry and an existential crisis:

By Prachi Gupta

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