This mashup explains why everyone is outraged at the idea of a Chris Martin-Jennifer Lawrence union

WHAT? said the world at reports that these two were dating. So we present: JLaw GIFs captioned with Coldplay lyrics

Published August 15, 2014 10:22PM (EDT)

Chris Martin, Jennifer Lawrence          (Reuters/Lucas Jackson/Danny Moloshok)
Chris Martin, Jennifer Lawrence (Reuters/Lucas Jackson/Danny Moloshok)

Attention: It has been reported that Chris Martin, the lanky Coldplay frontman and ex-husband of human mannequin Gwyneth Paltrow, is now dating American national treasure Jennifer Lawrence. I normally do not care at all about celebrity gossip, but Chris Martin, the embodiment of all-things-emo, and JLaw, an oft-GIF-ed woman who routinely throws up at parties, could not be more different, as far as cultural icons go:. There is only one way to process this news, as an unlikely mashup of JLaw reaction GIFs and Coldplay lyrics. Happy Friday, everyone:

"You left the sweetest of tastes in my mouth"
-"The Hardest Part"

"Gravity release me, don't ever hold me down. Now my feet won't touch the ground"
-"Life in Technicolor II"

"Give me real don't give me fake"

"Did you want me to change? Well I changed for good. And I want you to know, you'll always get your way"

"So you can hurt, hurt me bad. But still I'll raise the flag."
-"Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall"

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