Kevin Sorbo lashes out at atheists!

The "Hercules" actor says nonbelievers are "filled with anger and hatred" because they secretly believe in God

Published August 27, 2014 3:32PM (EDT)

      (Richard Shotwell/invision/ap)
(Richard Shotwell/invision/ap)

Kevin Sorbo, former "Hercules" star, unleashed yet another ignorant screed. This time aimed at atheists.

Raw Story reports that on Tuesday, Sorbo appeared on the Christian radio host Rick Wiles' show to promote his new film "God Is Not Dead." On air, the actor also discussed why atheists are so "angry."

"The atheists are such a small group of people, and they get on Fox or CNN and they rant and they rave,” Sorbo told Wiles, “and I pretty much based my character [in "God Is Not Dead"] off of these guys that I see who are just angry — they’re just filled with anger and hatred.”

“On the one hand I feel sorry for them, but then I kind of laugh at them," Sorbo explained. "Why would anybody spend so much time ranting and raving about something they don’t believe in?”

What is more ridiculous than Sorbo's above question? Sorbo's inane answer to his own question: “I know these guys must believe in something, otherwise, they wouldn’t get so angry about it, and they don’t like the fact that there is a higher power out there that is judging how they live their life.”

Atheists must secretly believe in something, therefore they're just angry that God is judging them.

Last week Sorbo wrote a hateful, racist post on Facebook calling the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, "losers" and "animals." He later apologized.

Listen to the audio below via Right Wing Watch:

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