Bill Maher: "I'm not really scared of ISIS"

The host of "Real Time" appeared on "Hardball" last night to discuss the president's speech about ISIS

Published September 11, 2014 3:10PM (EDT)


On Wednesday night, Bill Maher appeared on "Hardball With Chris Matthews" to discuss the Islamic State, prior to President Obama's speech to the American people abut his strategy for destroying ISIS/ISIL.

Maher observed that the American public wants magic: They want no homeland casualties, or boots on the ground, but they also want to crush ISIS. The GOP, Maher says is similar in that they want the president to sound like "John Wayne" or "Arnold Schwarzenegger" but they, too, don't know what actions to back that talk up with.

"They don't think things through, the American public, you know they just feel scared right now," Maher said. "I'm not sure why. I'm not really scared of ISIS. I know they're a bad group, but I don't think they're going to come here and behead me. But they saw two grisly videos and I guess they think that's going to happen to them next."

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