A team of former Google engineers has designed a search engine just for porn

"Boodigo" might be the best new way to find porn without selling users' fantasies to advertisers

Published September 16, 2014 4:07PM (EDT)

If there's a porn version of everything, there had to be a porn version of Google, right? But of course there is: Meet Boodigo, the Internet search engine specifically for pornographic content, brought to life by a team of "Google refugees" who wanted to forgo the unsexy content that appears in many search results in place of adult entertainment.

According to BetaBeat, the premise of Boodigo is simple: It helps people find unpirated, virus-free porn, without selling users' information to advertisers. An added perk, according to Boodigo co-founder Colin Rowntree, is that porn searches won't show up in users' other search engine histories, nor in sidebar ads. But mostly, the site has the potential to prevent massive porn piracy:

There are plenty of reasons to search for porn on Boodigo — besides the obvious convenience of not having to wade through 289 Cosmo articles in your quest for the perfect porno. The site, as I noted earlier, aims to only populate its search results with legal — in other words, not pirated — porn.

As a long-time producer and director, Mr. Rowntree has experienced the hugely damaging effects of porn piracy first-hand. When people share and view adult entertainment without paying for it, “it’s horrible for the performers, for the studios, for everybody,” Mr. Rowntree said. Though he acknowledges that chasing illegal online porn distributors will “always be a cat and mouse game,” he’s certain that Boodigo has “done a very good job at identifying the illegal tube sites.”

“They’re basically just blacklisted from ever getting into the search results,” he said.

Without selling user information to advertisers, though, it's still a mystery how Boodigo will succeed. There are plans in place for the future, Rowntree said, but for the time being the site needs to bring in traffic to get things going.

By Jenny Kutner

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