Cannon backfires at Fort McHenry in Baltimore

Published September 24, 2014 10:45PM (EDT)

BALTIMORE (AP) — In late-breaking news from the 19th century, there's been a cannon recall.

The National Park Service says an iron reproduction historic cannon exploded during a celebratory firing Sept. 16 at Fort McHenry in Baltimore, launching a 100-pound mound of metal on the cannon's rear more than 300 feet afield. The cannon was filled with powder and fired as part of the weeklong bicentennial celebration of the Star-Spangled Banner. One crew member sustained minor burns, but no visitors were injured.

The park service issued an internal memo announcing that cannons from manufacturer Cannons Online will be taken out of service until further notice.

The park service says it has suspended the historic weapons firing program at Fort McHenry, and opened an investigation into the incident.

By Juliet Linderman

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