Wingnuts react to Holder resigning: "Black Panther... Race-Baiter... Mullah"

The right comes unhinged as the Attorney General prepares to step down. Here's the best of the worst on Twitter

Luke Brinker
September 25, 2014 10:20PM (UTC)

Two things were instantly predictable once we learned that Attorney General Eric Holder is stepping down: first, that conservatives would denounce anyone President Obama appoints to replace him as a liberty-loathing, terrorist-coddling radical, and that the news would bring out the stupidity and bigotry of conservative Twitter.

It took all of a few seconds for the latter prediction to bear out. Linking to a post in which he argued that controversies engulfing Holder did significant damage to the Obama administration, founder Erick Erickson called the outgoing attorney general “Obama’s cockblocker”:


[embedtweet id=515155400619200512]

Others gleefully seized the opportunity to bring up the Black Panthers again:

[embedtweet id=515165171283533824]

[embedtweet id=515175617479069696]

In a painful reminder of how rabid right-wingers can’t do humor, many tried their hands at predicting #EricHoldersNextJob:


[embedtweet id=515174002474876928]

[embedtweet id=515187339971559424]

[embedtweet id=515180638651953152]

[embedtweet id=515168650798436352]

[embedtweet id=515180851823267840]

[embedtweet id=515154815794831360]

The derp is deep, but as Katie Halper pointed out, the reactions at least reinforced a few things about right-wing Twitter:


[embedtweet id=515180279406006272]

Of course, Holder’s departure generated speculation about who would be next to helm the Justice Department – a perfect opportunity to engage in some pre-emptive sexism and xenophobia:

[embedtweet id=515158169983524864]


“I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one,” Voltaire once quipped, 'O Lord make my enemies ridiculous.' And God granted it.” Holder appears to have shared Voltaire’s prayer.

Luke Brinker

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