Here are 8 unsolicited suggestions to celebrities for emoji tattoos

Drake allegedly got an emoji tattoo -- so maybe these other famous people should too

By Prachi Gupta

Published September 26, 2014 2:00PM (EDT)


When websites started reporting that Drake, the YOLO guy, got an emoji tattoo, it sounded ... pretty believable, I think (it's not confirmed that the tattoo is on his arm).

Out of all the emoji Drake (or Drake's friend with a now-famous arm) could meld into his body as one with his soul and his smooth smooth skin, the hands praying (or high-fiving?) is among the best.

If anyone can make emoji tattoos "a thing," it's Drake. And just in case that happens, here are some tattoo suggestions for celebrities:


What better way for DMX to get over his fear of the Google than by getting a tattoo of the floppy disk emoji? An homage to all things past and ancient, while still embracing the new.

Miley Cyrus

For Miley, the shocking thing here is not the emoji tattoo, but where she'd get it. This one, embedded underneath each fingernail.

Al Gore

ManBearPig. That is all.

Grumpy Cat

What if we've been reading Grumpy Cat wrong all these years? What if she's really Slightly Mischievous and A Little Perturbed Cat? This tattoo will make you think twice about assuming she's always Grumpy.

Mike Tyson

Here's a suggestion for Mike Tyson, who already boasts a facial tattoo: Improve your game with an emoji tattoo that takes up your entire face.

I recommend this one: =

Justin Bieber

Not only does "speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil" seem like the kind of motto that Justin Bieber would add to his tattoo collection, but it's also an homage to his abandoned monkey, Mally.

Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen

Because they are BFFs who do everything together, of course Sirs Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen would get matching tattoos that only make sense when the stand together, side-by-side:

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