"Bill O'Reilly is a f***ing egomaniac": Stephen Colbert's latest amazing Fox News takedown

Colbert delivers a brilliant response to Bill O'Reilly

Published October 2, 2014 6:15PM (EDT)

  (screenshot/"The Colbert Report")
(screenshot/"The Colbert Report")

Stephen Colbert responded to "papa bear" Bill O'Reilly in stunning fashion, on Wednesday night. It is the latest in the ongoing saga between the two.

This particular bout started when Colbert mocked, or "admired," O'Reilly's plan to fight ISIS. O'Reilly took offense and denounced Colbert and "his ilk" for having no clue how to defeat jihadists.

Well Bill, Stephen Colbert has news for you: "How can Bill say me and others of my ilk don't have a clue how to fight jihad? Bill, baby doll, you're of my ilk."

"We're ilk-mates! We're members of the same ilk lodge," Colbert continued. "We dip our cookies in the same glass of ilk! I wasn't mocking your plan. I'm the only one who likes it." Watch more of this takedown below:

And he continues the mocking below during his interview with Mike Mullen:

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