"The Daily Show" destroys Fox News' non-solution to unwanted catcalling

So many fun alternatives!

By Sarah Gray
Published October 3, 2014 2:57PM (EDT)
"Jessica's Feminized Atmosphere"  (screenshot/'The Daily Show")
"Jessica's Feminized Atmosphere" (screenshot/'The Daily Show")

On Thursday night, "The Daily Show's" Jessica Williams welcomed viewers to her world -- "Jessica's Feminized Atmosphere."

In this super-fun atmosphere she has to walk an extra 55 minutes just to avoid men talking to her on her morning commute! Awesome!

And though initially Williams -- like the ladies on Fox News's "Outnumbered" -- doesn't get what's so terrible about being "complimented" on her way to work, a group of women's terrifying stories change her mind.

So where is it safe for women? Pretty much nowhere.

And most of the women feel pretty nervous about calling out their harassers, because they're not sure if and how the man will respond. (I can relate to that.)

So what do they do? Well, Williams has some tips: "Rule number one, always wear oversized headphones. Rule number two, master the fake phone call. Rule number three, avoid all eye contact. Keep your head down."

"And there's tons of other fun solutions," Williams explains. Like having a "bitch face," acting crazy or traveling in a huge group.

If these tips -- just to walk to work! -- sound ridiculous to you, it's because they are. The real solution is for men to stop perpetuating the culture of objectification. The same way that women shouldn't have to alter their dress to not "distract" boys in schools, or not "ask for it," women in any outfit should be able to walk down the street un-harassed -- and not fearful that if they call out the perpetrator they're going to incur more vitriol.

Dudes, just don't say anything! Watch Jessica Williams's brilliant takedown below:

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