Here's proof that sex scenes in movies are incredibly awkward

Joe Carnahan offers a behind-the-scenes look at Patrick Wilson and Brooklyn Decker in bed

By Prachi Gupta
Published October 6, 2014 2:09PM (EDT)
Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson    (Stretch)
Brooklyn Decker and Patrick Wilson (Stretch)

Thanks to "Love Actually," we know that filming sex scenes is a pretty awkward situation for everyone involved. But thanks to director Joe Carnahan, we can now know just how awkward it is on a real set.

Carnahan has released a behind-the-scenes clip from "Stretch" in which actor Patrick Wilson is lying on top of Brooklyn Decker, mid-coitus. The moment isn't so magical when you zoom out to see a crew member spraying Wilson's back with water, Decker lowering the intensity by laughing, and hear Carnahan yell "Great fucking!" afterwards.

The movie hits iTunes and Amazon on Oct. 7.

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