Pornhub debuts massive billboard -- in the middle of Times Square

The adult entertainment site's TV ads have been rebuffed by networks. So they went and got a 54' x 48' spot in NYC

Published October 7, 2014 9:14PM (EDT)

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Ever wonder why you never see advertisements for one of America's true favorite pastimes (fapping) during the Super Bowl? Probably not. But the advertising team at Pornhub certainly does. The adult entertainment website's creative geniuses have been rejected repeatedly by mainstream media outlets that refuse to air ads for pornography. The website has been denied TV spots over and over again, and famously had its efforts to air a Super Bowl ad shut down by CBS -- even though the Pornhub ad guys came up with such great, family-friendly SFW copy!

Don't worry, though: Pornhub is having the last laugh.

Over the weekend, Pornhub debuted its first major outdoor media campaign in New York City: A massive 54' x 48' billboard in the heart of Times Square. According to BetaBeat, the ad was designed by copywriter-turned-Pornhub-Creative-Director Nuri Gulver, who earned his role after winning the site's contest for the best safe-for-work ad campaign. Gulver's winning campaign, "All You Need Is Hand," will now be exhibited proudly and boldly on a Manhattan street corner.

To celebrate the campaign kickoff, Pornhub hired the Gotham Rock Choir to perform an altered rendition of the Beatles' "All You Need Is Love." Of course, the word "love" was replaced with the word "hand." Naturally. Hiring the choir was not Pornhub's first foray into music: In July, the site announced that it would be releasing rapper Coolio's newest single and accompanying video, "Take It To The Hub."

By Jenny Kutner

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