Houston's last remaining news radio outlet just turned into a Beyoncé-only station

How's that for H-town vicious?

Published October 8, 2014 9:39PM (EDT)

Beyonce           (AP/Robin Harper)
Beyonce (AP/Robin Harper)

In what is almost certainly a stunt and quite possibly a perfect homage, Houston's last remaining news radio station has changed format and become an all Beyoncé, all the time station. Beginning at 9 AM on Wednesday, Houston's News 92 FM transitioned to back-to-back Queen Bey hits.

According to a statement from 92 FM, the station's closure is the result of "sustained poor ratings performance and significant financial losses" over the past several years. While it's unclear if another news station will be established in its stead, the channel's Beyoncé playlist likely will not last. First, many radio stations rely on filler gimmicks to sell airtime. Second, there is only so much Beyoncé. Jezebel's Isha Aran calculated how much, exactly:

I have calculated that Beyoncé's entire discography, all of her studio albums, live albums, and even some of those other releases like the short album that came with her perfume Heat is around 13 hours and 10 minutes. And 44 seconds. And there are other releases that I didn't take into account, and maybe they'll include her karaoke album. Yes, that's a lot of Beyoncé normal consumption, but for a station that will be playing Beyoncé for 24 hours, the supply may be a bit short.

In a sentiment many people will no doubt share, one Jezebel commenter added that "if there is one thing Texas needs, it's less news sources." Fair enough. The state (or, more specifically, its leadership) is a fount of misinformation on so many issues, yet prides itself on business successes. Here's a question, though: Will someone really want to buy out an all Beyoncé station (in her hometown!) and replace it with something else? Won't the Beygency show up?

By Jenny Kutner

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