Ann Coulter's latest hateful screed compares quarantining all of West Africa with gated communities

Does she really lack all empathy?

Published October 16, 2014 4:40PM (EDT)

Ann Coulter                  (AP/Peter Kramer)
Ann Coulter (AP/Peter Kramer)

In her latest column, professional troll Ann Coulter spoke about the Obama administration's refusal to impose a travel ban-- even though public health officials and even fellow conservative Marc Siegel have said is a bad medical decision -- because Obama would rather Americans contract Ebola than other Africans.

"What is it with liberals living in gated communities always telling us that fences don't work?" she writes. "THAT'S WHAT A QUARANTINE IS."

Well, no it isn't.

Here is another charming line in which she compares Ebola to AIDS with the utmost respect for the diseases' victims: "Why, precisely, must we attack Ebola in Africa? Research on a cure doesn't require cuddling victims in their huts. Scientists who discovered the AIDS cocktail didn't spend their nights at Studio 54 in order to "fight the disease at its source."

She then condemns the U.S. healthcare system for treating Thomas Eric Duncan, the Liberian national who recently died of Ebola in Dallas, for free:

At the moment, more than 13,000 West Africans have travel visas to come to the U.S. Having just seen an Ebola-infected Liberian get $500,000 worth of free medical treatment in the U.S., the first thing any African who might have Ebola should do is get himself to America.

Of all the reasons people have for coming here -- welfare, drug-dealing, Medicare scams -- "I have Ebola and I'm going to die, otherwise" is surely one of the strongest. The entire continent of Africa now knows that this is a country that will happily spend half a million dollars on treating someone who just arrived -- and then berate itself for not doing enough.

Thomas Eric Duncan's family may be upset with his treatment, but they have to admit, the price was right. Medical bill: $0.00. Your next statement will arrive in 30 days.

I just don't understand why Coulter is so bent on spreading unproductive hate and promoting incorrect conspiracies. She has to be smart, doesn't she? I can't believe that she is ignorantly spreading myth and bigotry because she actually believes it.

By Joanna Rothkopf

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