17 things we learned from Paul McCartney's hilarious Twitter Q&A

Bob Dylan makes him starstruck

Published October 20, 2014 7:48PM (EDT)

Paul McCartney         (AP)
Paul McCartney (AP)

On Monday the legendary Sir Paul McCartney participated in a candid #AskPaul Twitter session in support of the reissue of the 1976 Wings album "Wings at the Speed of Sound." Here are 17 of the most interesting factoids gleaned from the Beatle:

1) He still gets starstruck:

[embedtweet id="524265019148894208"]

2) Sir Paul is "The Walrus":

[embedtweet id="524266084254617600"]

3) The Beatle still loves sex, drugs and booze:

[embedtweet id="524265798521872385"]

4) Paul McCartney has twerked with Katy Perry:

[embedtweet id="524264083835867137"]

5) He has forgotten the lyrics to songs; thankfully the audience has helped him out:

[embedtweet id="524262536062181376"]

6) Paul McCartney revealed his favorite directors:

[embedtweet id="524268003828203520"]

7) And how he came up with "Blackbird" from "The White Album"

[embedtweet id="524257630534270976"]

8) He believes in a higher power:

[embedtweet id="524264585596268544"]

9) The first record Paul McCartney purchased:

[embedtweet id="524263603017617408"]

10) Sir Paul's favorite bass line to play is from a Beatles song ... for now:

[embedtweet id="524258786786418688"]

11) He told Ryan Adams that he is an alien:

[embedtweet id="524259427386662913"]

12) And also revealed that his favorite horror flick is "Alien":

[embedtweet id="524266768404340736"]

13) But he doesn't want to visit the moon:

[embedtweet id="524263188909813761"]

14) He was 14 when he wrote his first song:

[embedtweet id="524262525316370432"]

15) Sir Paul McCartney sings in the shower:

[embedtweet id="524262351940616193"]

16) McCartney has two favorite songs at the moment:

[embedtweet id="524263280005881857"]

17) Sir Paul has a favorite Meryl Streep movie:

[embedtweet id="524260265064673281"]

And here's this just for fun:

[embedtweet id="524260679923281922"]

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