GOP congressional candidate: Public schools remind me of Nazi Germany

Newly unearthed audio captures Georgia GOPer Jody Hice's unhinged thoughts on public schools. Oh, and he's winning

Published October 22, 2014 3:21PM (EDT)

Jody Hice       (AP/John Amis)
Jody Hice (AP/John Amis)

Jody Hice, the Republican nominee to succeed GOP Rep. Paul Broun in Georgia's 10th congressional district, said on his radio program in 2011 that American public schools remind him of Adolf Hitler's Germany.

"Obviously, if we have government — which is what the public school is — if we have government indoctrinating what students are learning, then we have a problem," Hice said. "This took place in Germany, friends. I’m not trying to say we are necessarily headed in that direction, but it is undeniable that one of the first things Hitler did was to grab, so to speak, the minds of the youth."

Hice, a Tea Party favorite whose local celebrity as a conservative radio host helped propel him to victory in the GOP primary, went on to say that the situation in contemporary America is "just as dangerous."

"And it’s obvious that the liberals in this country are going to be fighting tooth and nail to protect the public school system from getting out from underneath their total, absolute, totalitarian control," Hice declared.

Later in the program, Hice launched into a rant against schools for allegedly peddling anti-American, leftist ideas. Public schools, Hice thundered, teach pupils "to dislike, to actually disdain America," while “encouraging students to freely experiment with all forms of sexuality, forcefully defend issues like abortion and homosexuality and also just encouraging students to become cultural advocates for political correctness, and there’s no tolerance for political incorrectness.”

Condemning "the push for relativism, for globalization, for environmental agendas, the green agendas and tolerance for everybody,” Hice lambasted public schools as sinister hotbeds of radicalism.

The newly unearthed audio helps cement Hice's status as one of the most rabidly right-wing congressional candidates this cycle. A virulently anti-gay fundamentalist, Hice has written that "the homosexual movement" is "destroying America" and compared being raised by gay parents to "losing mom or dad in a car accident." Hice has also written that wives should obtain their husbands' permission before entering politics and has asserted that Islam is not a religion, but "a totalitarian way of life with a religious component." Therefore, Hice contends, Muslims don't deserve First Amendment protections.

Such extremism almost certainly won't stop Hice from winning a resounding victory on Election Day. According to the Cook Political Report, Georgia's 10th congressional district is 14 percentage points more Republican than the median district.

Listen to Hice compare American public schools with the situation in Nazi Germany here:

And listen to him rail against "political correctness" in schools here. Both clips are courtesy of Right Wing Watch:

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