Updated: Man has Twitter meltdown after Anderson Cooper declines to take selfie with him

Cooper thought it seemed "wildly inappropriate" to take a photo there

By Sarah Gray
Published October 23, 2014 3:55PM (EDT)

Sun-TV contributor Vandon Gene went off on a Twitter rant after Anderson Cooper declined to take a photo with the Canadian journalist at the site of yesterday's Canadian Parliament shooting.

In the below video Gene asks for a photo and Cooper sharply tells him no, given the circumstance for the reporting: a shooting in Ottawa, which left a soldier dead.

"No, I will not take a photo with you on a day where someone was killed!" Cooper stated. "It seems wildly inappropriate!"

Gene didn't take well to this rejection, and took to the Internet, where he posted a video of the encounter and shot off a series of tweets accusing Cooper of "exploiting" the tragedy and being "rude." The tweets were quickly taken down, but not before Cooper could respond by telling Gene to "learn to behave." Mediaite captured the conversation.

Vance later apologized with this tweet:

[embedtweet id="525283939209183232"]


Sun News Network is stating it no longer has affiliation with Gene:

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[embedtweet id="525254255582937088"]

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