"Duck Dynasty" star: America feels like Nazi Germany

The son of patriarch Phil Robertson makes a rather outlandish comparison

Published October 29, 2014 7:05PM (EDT)


Alan Robertson, the son of "Duck Dynasty" patriarch and celebrity homophobe Phil Robertson, can't tell if he's living in the 21st-century United States or Nazi Germany.

Speaking with Family Research Council president Tony Perkins on Perkins' radio program Tuesday, Robertson blasted subpoenas issued for anti-gay pastors' sermons by lawyers defending Houston's new LGBT non-discrimination ordinance. The lawyers who issued the subpoenas were independent attorneys working pro bono for the city, and Mayor Annise Parker announced Wednesday that the subpoenas would be withdrawn. The subpoenas sparked conservative outrage, with Fox News and Ted Cruz denouncing them as assaults on religious liberty. In his interview with Perkins, Robertson perfectly encapsulated the apoplectic right-wing reaction.

“When I first heard about this and when you and I talked, I was just like, is this 2014 America or is this 1930s Germany that we’re living in? I mean, it was shocking and appalling,” Robertson said. The episode demonstrated "the importance of our spiritual and religious liberties," he added.

Alluding to the criticism Phil Robertson drew late last year when he compared homosexuality with bestiality and equated gay people with "drunks" and "terrorists," Perkins shifted the conversation toward the Robertson family, which he said had also "experienced this attack."

"You know, Al, you and your family have experienced this attack on your faith, simply for standing up and saying what you believe," Perkins said. "You’ve gone through the storm. But the storm continues. I mean, people would rather you be quiet and not use your platform to talk about the fact that there is truth."

Decrying those who think there's something hateful about putting gay people on a par with terrorists, Robertson then told Perkins that his family is "completely filled with love for folks."

"Which is why we continue to tell the truth, who God is, and what he wants from us as a people," Robertson continued, later adding that "the evil one" is trying to shroud the truth.

Listen to Robertson's interview here, via Right Wing Watch:

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