Rula Jebreal to Bill Maher: "When you talk about Islam in a certain way... some people feel threatened"

WATCH: "Real Time" heated up again last night as prominent Muslim journalist challenges Maher over views on Islam

Published November 1, 2014 3:33PM (EDT)

Bill Maher in "Real Time with Bill Maher"                          (HBO/Janet Van Ham)
Bill Maher in "Real Time with Bill Maher" (HBO/Janet Van Ham)

The debate over Islam got heated again on "Real Time with Bill Maher" last night, when the Muslim journalist Rula Jebreal told Maher the way he talks about Islam makes some Muslims anxious.

“When you talk about Islam in a certain way, I have to tell you, it’s offensive sometimes,” she said. “And some people feel threatened.”

Jebreal told Maher that to him, "we are all jihadists.”

Maher replied: “I know that in many places in the world, if you left your religion, what would happen?"

“‎Maybe not in Gaza, to be honest,” Jebreal said. “But you can do it in Jordan, you can do it in Lebanon. You are blaming the majority for the criminal act of a minority.”

The debate began several weeks ago on the show when actor Ben Affleck challenged Maher and atheist writer Sam Harris on their views on radical Islam, and Maher argued that true liberals should be speaking out against anti-enlightenment attitudes within the religion.

The conversation broadened to include religion writer Reza Aslan, and contributed to a protest this week at the University of California, Berkeley, where students circulated a petition to protest a speech by Maher on campus.

Watch the segment below:

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