Louis C.K. has mysteriously disappeared from Twitter

Twitter just got a little less wacky

By Sarah Gray
Published November 3, 2014 7:45PM (EST)
Louis C.K.                        (Reuters/Gus Ruelas)
Louis C.K. (Reuters/Gus Ruelas)

Comedian Louis C.K. has mysteriously disappeared from Twitter several weeks after unleashing a vulgar rant about ISIS on the social media site. (The handle @louisck is nowhere to be found, and searches say that the "user does not exist.")

The stand-up comedian, and creator and star of the show "Louie" on FX, is also known for his bizarre and expletive-laced diatribes on Twitter. Multiple times he unloaded on the standardized tests his daughters must take, and the educational system Common Core. C.K. also aimed his Twitter rage at TMZ after they posted video of the car crash, which badly injured comedian Tracy Morgan and killed one other.

In 2010 he got into trouble for the disturbing drunk tweets aimed at Sarah Palin.

Recently, his tweets have taken a more surreal turn: Last month he shared his views on Mars, space and the environment, and also tweeted the aforementioned rant about ISIS. Since we can no longer embed his tweets, EW has the breakdown below:

"ISIS, a group based in Iraq and Syria, has beheaded several hostages in the past months and distributed videos of the murders to the masses. C.K. suggested that the group 'f–k each other in the mouth with forks.' He also proposes that we 'f–k ISIS in all 3 holes and make a fifth and f–k them there too' before apologizing for writing “3 holes” instead of '4 holes.' Good thing that’s cleared up."

C.K is not the first comedian or celebrity to take a break from social media. It is unclear if he'll be back. For now Twitter will just be a little less wacky.

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